Sophiebear and Catnip Cassettes

This is marginally related to what I am doing here but I thought I would post something a little more lighthearted than the usual fare. When I asked why no one ever wants to comment, I was informed that I can come off as intensely opinionated and maybe less than inviting of viewer participation.

So, I am sorry.

I actually would really quite enjoy a bit of discussion here, instead of feeling like I am just talking to myself like a crazy person.

Alex got some toys for the kids from the lovely people at toobadmice.


cat-cassette-back catnip-cassette-full   sophie-playkitty-cassettesophie-cassettepooped-kitty

You can visit them and get your own handmade organic kitty toys at:

Sophie had a good time with her cassette. She could smell it as soon as I got in the door with it and made it nearly impossible to get those pictures of it without her silly nose in there trying to grab the package.


She also likes to help pick out the records.





2 thoughts on “Sophiebear and Catnip Cassettes

  1. Aww Sophie looks so happy with her tape! Hugo’s got sucked up by the vacuum cleaner the other day so he’ll be getting a new one soon. I’ll have to include on for Sigmund this time.

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