My computer is sad, but Nordvargr makes me happy.


I have a bunch of posts typed up and ready to go but my computer has decided to flake out on me, since all the files are currently stored there I can’t do anything about it right now. I will try to retrieve it this weekend so I can get some of it up for you. In the meantime I am doing this on a machine I am very unfamiliar with hence the hash mark instead of an actual apostrophe in the previous sentence (It is much easier with my mac. I do not know the shortcuts on a pc. Oh well.) I just previewed this and apparently WordPress uses dumb quotes so it looks correct anyway. God forbid anyone actually know how to type something without the computer telling you how to do it correctly. Anyway, I shouldn’t start getting into a tirade about the built-in stupidity and laziness of everything around us (they don’t even use words in manuals anymore, it might offend someone who can’t read.)

In other news, I have received a couple of emails informing me that there are some new Nordvargr releases to get at his bandcamp site.

Go buy them, seriously. Go do this.

There is another track on that last one but it is not in the streaming stuff. You will have to buy it if you want it, which you do.





So I have something else for you.
It’s just an ep, but it gives a pretty good idea of what the music is all about. I really like ep’s.
You have really got to watch this video for the title track, it’ll scar you, and if you are anything like me (lazy and sad?) you will have that interminable phrase running through your head until your death.
When you close your eyes to sleep,
“Try to break one’s heart in perpetuity”
On your drive to work,
“Try to break one’s heart in perpetuity”
When you lean in to kiss your wife,
“Try to break one’s heart in perpetuity”
It will be there.

Seriously though, I don’t have a wife or a job nor do I sleep, but if I did I’m certain that that song would plague my thoughts at those moments. Maybe this song will finally unseat that Yaz song Situation that has been inexplicably invading my thoughts for the last decade or so.
Anyway, I don’t have a lot of info to give you about Soap&Skin that is going to mean a whole lot to you. It’s another one of those bands that isn’t a band at all, basically just a young weird talented Austrian girl named Anja Plaschg, and that this release is on PIAS (Play It Again Sam Records). Funny enough I had seen PIAS listed on other releases in the recent past and did not realize that it was in actuality Play It Again Sam, I had no idea that they were even still around. I can’t help but think of Front 242 and Wax Trax every time. Maybe it’s that tenuous connection that made me presume that they had gone the same way as the two aforementioned now defunct institutions. (Actually I think Front 242 might still be around surprisingly) Sorry, I tend to go off on a lot of tangents. So, she has two full LPs, Lovetune For Vacuum, her first, which is where I first discovered her while reading about it’s release on The End Of Being website (, and Narrow.
I probably shouldn’t type these horrible words for fear that they will turn everyone away from Soap&Skin forever, but it kind of reminds me of Tori Amos (God know why), with one very very important distinction, I like Soap&Skin. There is a hint of Miranda Sex Garden thrown in there, but that just might be because it is a bunch of weird German women.
You can just forget everything I just typed and listen to the music, draw your own conclusions. You probably won’t read this anyway.