Bass Drum of Death

Hello all, I am excited to present a piece from our new friend Charles. He was gracious enough to donate his time and energy to write up a post for the club. I urge everyone to let him know how much you like it (even if you continue to completely ignore all of my posts.)



Being new here, I want to get something off my chest and it needs to be addressed. I am a self-proclaimed hipster (the first step to fixing any problem is admitting you have one; “Hi guys, my name is Charlie and I’m a hipster.”). OK, now that that is out of the way, let’s get into the music.

I’m a relatively new fan of BDoD, the Oxford, Mississippi based dirty garage rock band, but a fan nonetheless. Their name alone should have scared me away, being the hipster I am, but I gave them a listen and did not regret. I dig the lo-fi, do-it-yourself vibe they have. That vibe exists because that’s pretty much what they do. John Barnett basically said, “Hey, I’ve got a bass drum and a guitar and I want to make music. Let’s do this.”

It worked.


Ignore the bad video. It was 2008. Just listen.


Since starting in 2008, BDoD has released two EPs (Stain Stick Skin {2008} and High School Roaches {2010}) and two full-length albums with a third on the way (GB City {2011}, Bass Drum of Death {2013}, and Rip This due in October). I’m pretty excited to for it. Some bands are meant to change things up and try new sounds that still infuse a little of the early styles from their music, but BDoD is not one of those bands. Sure their music has gotten a little bit more complex, but not much, and quality has gone up, but that’s because of better recording. You won’t hear a song from them and not know it’s them. What you hear is what you get. There new single, Left for Dead, still has the same vibe as their early stuff.



It’s still grungy. It’s still aggressive. It’s still Bass Drum of Death (even if it’s more guitar driven). It’s still something you can listen to and do whatever you want. Want to take a road trip? Bass Drum of Death. Want to cook supper? Bass Drum of Death. Want to play volleyball with a monkey? Bass Drum of Death. OK maybe not the last one, but you get my point. It’s music that is unapologetically exactly what it is. It’s punk, garage rock. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.


If you’re only going to listen to one song: Nerve Jamming.


If you get the chance to see them live, which is a strong possibility with a new tour happening right now, do it. If you get a chance to talk to them and tell them how good they are, don’t because Barnett already knows it. They put on a hell of a show though, so go see them. And pick up Rip This when it comes out in October.




I took the liberty as editor, of adding the tour info for everyone as well as a preview of the self-titled album from last year. Enjoy, and as always, show your support and buy it if you like it. —Jeff


Sep. 04
The Basement
Nashville, TN

Sep. 05
40 Watt Club
Athens, GA

Sep. 09
New Orleans, LA

Sep. 11
Spanish Moon
Baton Rouge, LA

Sep. 12
Bottletree Cafe
Birmingham, AL

Oct. 01
The Demo
St Louis, MO

Oct. 02
Chicago, IL

Oct. 03
Horseshoe Tavern
Toronto, ON

Oct. 05
Signal Kitchen
Burlington, VT

Oct. 06
The Middle East Upstairs
Cambridge, MA

Oct. 08
Santos Party House
New York, NY

Oct. 09
The Barbary
Philadelphia, PA

Oct. 12
Grey Eagle
Asheville, NC

Oct. 13
Atlanta, GA

Oct. 19
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

Oct. 20
Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, CA