Pain is Beauty

So, today is the one year anniversary of the release of Chelsea WolfePain Is Beauty, and to commemorate that she has released a new video for Kings.

She has also reduced the download price of the album on bandcamp to just $3.99! Three days only so get it now, it is one of my favorite releases of the last year, I highly recommend it. Just ignore all of the lame Lorde loving fake new goth girls that have latched on to her lately. (Oooh, I’m so witchy. I’m gonna play with my tarot cards and talk about the moon all the damn time.) It’s great for her sales, but is unfortunate for her image as a good artist.
I’m sorry if that offends anyone (not really) but in case you haven’t noticed already, I hate most people and I’m irritated by everything.
I am a very pleasant person.



I have some other exciting news, that might help to mitigate the bitterness that I just spewed above at half of the young female population of the world. I will be putting up some new posts by a guest writer who could possibly become part of the family here. This means that we will hopefully be getting posts at more regular intervals than the somewhat sporadic rate at which I have been releasing mine. I understand that he is an avid movie watcher like me, so we might also be adding a movie review section as well. I am getting a little ahead of myself here though.
Here’s to the future.

— JS


My mac has reaped it’s destruction

Well my Mac is pretty much useless at this point, I haven’t gotten it to work for more than a month now. So I’m probably going to have to forfeit all of the posts that I had typed out and ready to go, which makes me fairly sad. I had several pages that I spent quite a bit of time working out. Oh well.

I do have some good news though, a very generous patron is donating a computer to the cause and I should be back on track within the next week.

In the meantime, there is yet another Nordvargr release. Yay! Go buy it.

Also Ici d’ailleurs has released a stop motion video for Matt ElliottReap What You Sow from the album ‘Only Myocardial Infarction Can Break Your Heart.’ Which is doubly cool because I love stop motion animation and of course Matt Elliott.

I have a collection of random Matt Elliott songs from studio sessions that I am going to put up for you guys but I want make an album cover for it first. I also have one for Chelsea Wolfe, so you all can look forward to that as well.