More Metal Creeping In

I have been listening to a lot of metal lately from the large collection that Alex and I recently acquired. I haven’t yet gone through it all in depth though nor made any notes so that I can do a write-up. I’m kind of busy (or at least I should be) with prep for the show next month. Just to keep things going though, here is a taste.

Black metal legends Carpathian Forest. Have fun.


I also highly recommended Wolves in the Throne Room if you are a fan of SUNN0))), Randall Dunn, or anything in that musical realm. (There are some new SUNN0))) things coming down the line that will probably show up here in the near future.)

Here is a short description of Black Cascade taken directly from their bandcamp page:

Black Cascade is characterized by a heavy and powerful analog sound and a deft touch with songwriting and arrangement. The crumbling roar of decidedly old-school tube amps unite with layers of mossy analog synthesizer and cataclysmic percussion. Blazing and crystalline Metal riffs slowly collapse and shift into ritualistic dirges that invoke endless rain falling upon the ancient cedars of the pacific North West.


You can pick up a copy of the new WITTR album Celestite in a gate-fold clear vinyl format (Celestite is the instrumental companion piece to the recently released Celestial Lineage album.) along with a bunch of other cool stuff here:

T-shirts are just $15, the vinyl is $25. Pretty sweet deal.

— JS


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