My computer is sad, but Nordvargr makes me happy.


I have a bunch of posts typed up and ready to go but my computer has decided to flake out on me, since all the files are currently stored there I can’t do anything about it right now. I will try to retrieve it this weekend so I can get some of it up for you. In the meantime I am doing this on a machine I am very unfamiliar with hence the hash mark instead of an actual apostrophe in the previous sentence (It is much easier with my mac. I do not know the shortcuts on a pc. Oh well.) I just previewed this and apparently WordPress uses dumb quotes so it looks correct anyway. God forbid anyone actually know how to type something without the computer telling you how to do it correctly. Anyway, I shouldn’t start getting into a tirade about the built-in stupidity and laziness of everything around us (they don’t even use words in manuals anymore, it might offend someone who can’t read.)

In other news, I have received a couple of emails informing me that there are some new Nordvargr releases to get at his bandcamp site.

Go buy them, seriously. Go do this.

There is another track on that last one but it is not in the streaming stuff. You will have to buy it if you want it, which you do.




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