Pre-blog post (11.01.13)

November 1st, 2013

After trying very unsuccessfully over the past two hours using every electronic device at my disposal to watch episodes of Sleepy Hollow that I have missed, I have succumbed to the despair and exasperation that I will never see those episodes as the universe has once again conspired against me. You may wonder why the universe would assail me with such paltry things, well, I’m here to tell you that that is exactly what it does in order to destroy you. You are welcome.
Anyway, I fought off the urge to kill someone after being so vexed by the universe in lieu of doing something moderately more productive; I’ll vent my spleen to you fellow readers to suppress my aggravation and in the process drop some new(relative) music for you.

So Halloween was yesterday, Samhain and the first day of Día de los Muertos is today which means darkness shall come your way dear reader.

Has anyone listened to Umberto? It is absolutely some of the best horror inspired music out there, on par with some of the better Goblin stuff, only a bit more contemporary. I use that term loosely though as it is clearly made to inspire an older era of film and music.

Selection from: Umberto – From the Grave

Just listen to that and tell me that you can’t close your eyes and see the lovely Janet Agren being painted with gold by a bunch of busty natives or grisly cannibals disemboweling a poor defenseless european porn actress employing her skills in a “real” acting gig.
I have this album on vinyl but it is another one of those that didn’t initially come with a music download coupon to my chagrin. If you like it you can check out some other samples and possibly purchase some stuff at the bandcamp site at:

I do have have Umberto – Prophecy of the Black Widow for you. So give it a listen and then go give ’em some money, or me, whoever. I won’t judge.

I went to the art museum last night and watched Night of the Living Dead so I feel more than compelled to post this next selection.

Brighter Death Now – Great Death I / Great Death II

This is Roger Karmanik the founder of Cold Meat Industries creating some very Romero inspired/derived sounds. I don’t listen to this as much anymore, I used to listen to it quite a bit a few years back when I was listening to much more power electronics and noise stuff. There is a third installment of this series but the only way you could get it was to send in a certificate found in the Great Death I & II box-set. I have the box and the certificate, but that does little good for procuring the music now (is it music?) since it was released many years ago(1994). I seriously doubt that it would still be honored.

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk, aka Nordvargr or Goatvargr or Marvargr, kind of depending on the style of the release, is also part of half a dozen other bands such as Mz.412FolkstormToroidh, etc.
I love this guy. I am always listening to this stuff when I work. The music itself is some of the most soothing and layered ambient sounds at times blended with very dark black metal which works quite nicely, as is the case with The Betrayal of Light. Great album. Also he is capable of creating some of the most stomach churning, disquieting, unsettling, however you want to describe it bleak amazing music, also almost danceable at times.
In keeping with the theme here:

Henrik Nordvargr Björkk – The Dead Never Sleep

Hahahaha, my Dad just heard some of this album playing and then with a confused look started examining the ceiling fan because he thought it was bearings grinding.
Oh, Pa-pah.

Nordvargr also has a bandcamp site where you can and should buy some of the later stuff.

Most of the older material is long out of print and generally wasn’t widely available to begin with. Yeah, another one of those.

I have been thinking that to make this a little easier I am going to switch over to a blog type setup that way people can comment and interact far easier, or at all. (Yeah I’m talking to you!) We’ll all just keep trading music the same way though. It should simplify things, I hope.

OH, and last minute here I decided to give you guys something a little more musical that sort of ties in with all of these other selections.

Nadja – Touched

This is the earlier version, not the re-recorded version released later. I actually kind of prefer this version because it is a little more metally than the newer version and most of their other recordings, more akin to Godflesh or JESU (Justin Broadrick), but still has that droney atmospheric post-rockish sound, kind of like some of the MAIN (Robert Hampson) releases, since I am restricting myself to only Godflesh related artists as reference points for some reason. So I think there is something here that will appeal to most of you on some level. I would tell you all to go and buy it but it’s a very slim chance that you would even be able to find it and even if you did to be willing to part with the amount of cash that would likely be asked for this gem. You can still find the newer version in mp3 format from sellers like amazon, but even that version is going for around $30+++ for a hardcopy. If you are going to buy anything though I strongly urge you to go to their bandcamp site and purchase it directly from the artist, Amazon makes enough money without any more help from me.
I’m a big fan of bandcamp and so should you be.

If you are a completist, don’t even get started. The number of Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff releases, individually and all the related works is stupid big. The number of Nadja releases alone is daunting, just trying to collect only Nadja and ignoring everything else would be nigh impossible.

Okay, bye for now.

– J. Sparks


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