Pre-blog post (03.31.13)

MAR 31th, 2013

Road trips, Easter and red Korean birds (probably Chinese if we’re going to be honest.)


I had a post ready to go for the next part of my series, but I put it on the shelf this morning in lieu of doing something more upbeat. (At least, for me it is.)

Since I am heading out on a road trip to Denver on Tuesday I want to give you something that is the aural equivalent of a road trip. This is something to which I used to listen while driving around aimlessly, dreaming of staying on the road, stopping wherever appealed to me, and picking up again whenever I felt like moving on. Chris, Greg, and Nathan probably all remember that I used to disappear from time to time for a few days without any indication to anyone of where I might have gone. I don’t know how many times I would drive all night and seriously consider continuing as I approached the state borderline just to end up turning around and heading back, thinking, ‘next time I’ll keep going.’ Of course this was back when gas was around a dollar a gallon and I could fill my Geo for under 10. I believe that if I had had the proper cowboy hat my dream would have been realized. I could have been a gypsy, minus all the thievery and dogs.
Magnetic Fields – The Charm of the Highway Strip

Today is Easter, so I’m giving you something unrelated. Oh boy! With the exception of a song titled Easter Everywhere.
Happy Easter.
Julian Cope – My Nation Underground

North Korea seems determined to try to be a menace to everyone forever.
COIL – Musick to Play in the Dark: Vol. 1

Oh, I also have Bish Bosch if anyone is interested in hearing the new Scott Walker weirdness. Just throw me a Yea in the requests if anyone wants me to put it up.

– J. Sparks


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