Pre-blog post (03.26.13)

MAR 26th, 2013

Hi guys,

I have been contemplating trying to do some series posts. I have been thinking about doing something based on the fact that I seem to keep having similar conversations with people around the idea that a lot of us seem not to be big fans of female vocalists. With that in mind I was wanting to post some stuff with primarily female vocals that I DO like. What do you guys think?

Another one that I have been thinking about is starting with one album with a lot of tangential connections to other bands and expanding out from that seed. I think I have a pretty good idea about what I want to do with this one.

Anyway, none of that has any bearing on what I am posting now.

Hold your breath, here it comes…

Matt Elliott – The Broken Man !!!
I am very excited about this. I have had this on vinyl since Christmas (thanks Avery), but for some insane reason it didn’t include a digital download. Crazy right? Anyway, in an attempt to get something up here that I’m pretty sure is new(ish) to everyone I went ahead and bought a digital copy for you guys. You’re welcome. No really, I needed a digital copy for myself anyway, it’s not like I can travel with my rekkid playa.
I just love this guy, I can honestly say that after coming across his music a few years back it has maintained at the top of my playlist. I will post some more of his music later if you guys like it. I would recommend hiding in a darkened space alone, contemplating my artwork while listening. Seriously though, I probably listen to him more than anything else while I am working so it is pretty close to a soundtrack… well, that and Current 93, and Piano Magic, and Nordvargr, and strangely a lot of Akira Yamaoka’s soundtrack music for the Silent Hill game series, creepy stuff.

I feel like I should post something else as well.

– J. Sparks


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