Pre-blog post (02.15.13)

FEB 15, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I must apologize for the initial post. I do not have the artwork attached on these so you guys are going to have to do a little work for yourselves on this one. In the future I will try to only post complete files.

So, first up we have the latest Piano Magic album:

Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet

and the companion EP:

Chemical EP

Anyone who has spoken to me about music of any kind over the past few years has probably heard me talk about this band. I won’t go into a long exposition here about the band, other that to say they are one of my continuing favorites that sadly, are greatly overlooked here in the states.
This is probably not my favorite album, but as it is the latest I’m fairly certain that no one else on here already has it. Another cool thing is the companion EP. When the album was first released they didn’t have any vinyl pressed yet, so as a bonus to everyone who ordered the CD they sent along some little Piano Magic buttons to make your snazzy man bag that much cooler, but even better is that they also included the Chemical EP. I’m not sure if the EP is available otherwise, but for the sake of all of us being that much cooler that everyone else, let’s pretend it’s exclusive. Anyway enjoy.



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